New Single ‘Hovercraft’ and Album ‘Keep the Light On Baby’ Out Now

The new single Hovercraft from the Album ‘Keep the Light On Baby’ is out on Undergrowth Records.

When we were kids, maybe 8,9,10, we were fascinated by those ads in the back of American comics, eg Caspar the Ghost, Batman, Superman etc that promised you x-ray specs, or bodybuilding devices that made you Mr Universe in one week but most exciting were the ones that said you could build your own hovercraft. We never did send off for a hovercraft but instead got the chops for a pop punk song and bought some old braces off ebay.

The album ‘Keep the Light On Baby’ was recorded in Easton in Bristol July / August 2020 between the first and second lockdowns in the UK. A time when, for a moment, everything seemed lighter than air. Free from the past and trying not to think about the future. ‘Keep the Light On Baby’ reflects that period of freedom and release, searching for brightness, jumping between shadows, looking for lift-off in the pillars of sunlight.


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