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Album Launch Pics

Thanks to Sue Mara for these top pictures of the Gig.  Cast your votes for which band member looks the most sexy…Or maybe it’s just the soft focus…




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New Video for “Bad Girls Busy”

Here’s the new video for “Bad Girls Busy”, the first song off the album “Certain Gifts” out 4th June.

It was recorded in Si’s kitchen using a Hollywood budget of £4.00. (£1.00 for each shoe from the local charity shop)

Let’s bop.


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“Certain Gifts” Album Out on 4th June

The new album “Certain Gifts” is out on the 4th June through Undergrowth Records.

You can get a listen and buy it here at Bandcamp.

But for the freshly minted smelling of ink straight from the letterpress, CD version, and smelling of band straight from the shower, live version, come to the launch night at The Greenbank in Bristol on the 4th June 8pm.

Certain Gifts Gold 2

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New Album on its Way. Hand Mixed. Hand Printed

The new Woodlice Album “Certain Gifts” is in the microwave and it’s about to go ping.

Mixed by Jet and recorded in Forest Studios we reckon it’s a tiny gem of folk pop beauty.

Not only that but Jet has been busy hand printing the sleeves for the limited run of CDs on an old 

printing press brought all the way from Geneva by the Bristol Letterpress Collective (Jet will be doing a solo set at the collective

during their “Politics of Print” Festival on Sat 24th May)

The Album Launch will be at “Undergrowth” night Wed 4th June at The Greenbank Pub Bristol

Here’s a picture of the typeset that Jet put together on the printing press… 


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Woodlice checking out the Sunlight

The new Woodlice album is coming to completion. All the mixes are done, just needs a bit of mastering and a pile of damp wood to nibble on. Jet is going on a letterpress printing workshop to handmake and print the CD sleeves and then its good to go. Niceing it up. Lice style.


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Woodlice at the Gallimaufry

992847_538650609528182_971754532_nPoster for our Gallimaufry gig last night. Like the aqua tint.. woodlice are sea dwelling Crustaceans…

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July 12, 2013 · 1:40 pm


Hey damp woodpile snufflers we’re still larking around in the Undergrowth.  We’re mixing dem tunes and the album should be with you this side of the Summer Solstice, just before they start throwing the logs on the fire. I’ll put a track up when it’s good to go.

Here’s a pic of a young fan pointing out our talent on the “Everybody’s Got A Beard” video…check out the Beards on the video page….

Jet x


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New Album Found Under Log

Down in Forest Studios The Woodlice spent a weekend chomping out a new album. A bit more recording and mixing in the New Year and it’ll be nibbling your stereo by Spring.

Keep your antennae up and your woodpile damp.


Pic of rhythm section in contemplation in the Forest


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St Werburghs Apple Day

The Woodlice (TM) are proud to announce their unveiling in a new supergroup line up (Dan playing violin) at the Ampitheatre multiseater stadium ( wooden stage) at St Werburghs  Apple Day at Boiling Wells safari park ( through the tunnel on the right). Providing someone can find us a battery to power the amps of course.

Sunday 21st October. Afternoonish.

It’s gonna be Woodlice stylee.


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Playing at Bristol Harbourside Festival This Sunday 22nd July

We’re playing at Bristol Harbourside festival in the Happy City area in Lloyds Amphitheatre at 2pm. Come and enjoy the sunshine (is such a thing possible?) and the Woodlice action!

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